Water Without Borders Joint Collaborative Graduate Programme (MA, MSc and PhD)


    This collaborative graduate program between UNU-INWEH and McMaster University, examines linkages between water, environment and health. It addresses issues of water without borders, either geopolitical or disciplinary and is characterized by four key components:

    • A commitment to excellence in the science, whether that be health, natural or human science;
    • A commitment to transdisciplinary research;
    • A commitment to knowledge transfer;
    • A commitment to capacity building

    The primary goal of the program is to develop highly qualified personnel in the area of water-health, broadly defined, to fill a growing global societal need for science and service, policy and practice, around the fundamental human issue of safe water provisioning. Issues of provision, access, quality, equity, conflict, distribution, change, governance – are all of paramount importance to studying and responding to the water problematique. Hence, we need highly qualified personnel from a range of sciences (natural, human, health) to work together in understanding and addressing the emerging global water crisis; in short, this is truly a transdisciplinary problem that requires a truly transdisciplinary program of study.

    Students must be enrolled in a graduate program at McMaster University in order to be eligible for this programme.

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