Management Group

The Management Group is a forum of senior UNU personnel that considers policy development, strategy, planning, and other priority issues. It is chaired by the UNU Rector and includes as members the Senior Vice-Rector, the Vice-Rector, the Director of Administration, and the Executive Officer. The Group meets on a regular basis to review developments and address the evolving needs of the University.

The Management Group strongly supports the United Nations University’s zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual harassment and other forms of prohibited conduct. UNU has an obligation to take all appropriate steps to respond to cases of prohibited conduct. If you would like to draw the United Nations University’s attention to a case of sexual harassment or prohibited conduct, please contact Catarina Edlund, Chief of Human Resources at: Your information will be treated confidentially. Policies are in place to protect against retaliation. Reports can also be made via the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services: