Facts & Figures

UN University Financing for 2012

The UN University receives no funds from the regular United Nations budget; it is financed entirely by investment income derived from its endowment fund (mainly the host governments of the University’s institutes) and from agencies, international organizations, foundations and other sources. The overall budget of the UN University in 2012 was US$71.4 million (half of the approved 2012-2013 biennial budget of US$142.8 Million). Approximately 61 percent of income (including endowment fund income and operating contributions) and 39 percent by specific programme contributions.

In 2012 the first year of the biennium, the UN University received US$51.7 million in contributions from 21 governments and 128 other sources. In addition, the work of the University benefited from counterpart and other support, such as cost-sharing, as well as “extra-budgetary” contributions for academic activities that were paid directly to cooperating institutions.

UN University Statistics for 2012

Research and Study Projects


In 2012, there were 265 research and study projects; 133 of those projects were conducted primarily in developing countries. 84 projects were new, 107 were ongoing, and 74 were completed.

Training Courses


146 training courses were held, and were attended by over 5,580 students worldwide. 110 courses were held in developing countries.

Project Workshops


151 project workshops were convened, and attended by over 5,690 participants. 59 of these workshops were held in developing countries.




679 people were employed at UNU in 2012. 287 women, 392 men and 254 people of the total are from developing countries.

Fellowship Recipients


There were 224 fellowship recipients in 2012. Of these 87 were women and 137 men. 180 fellowship recipients were from developing countries.



UNU hired 166 interns in 2012. 99 women, 67 men and 65 of the total were from developing countries.




A variety of publication types made up the 1387 total for 2012. 276 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 260 discussion and working papers, 103 book chapters, 143 policy, research and technical briefs, 52 books, 201 proceedings and conference presentations, 11 special journal articles, 218 other publication types and 123 other article types.

Public Events


275 public events were held across UNU in 2012. 67 seminars, 65 conferences / symposiums, 16 lectures, 11 book launches, 54 workshops, 34 training / postgraduate related and 28 other types of events.

UNU Postgraduate Programme Students


54 people attended UNU postgraduate programmes in 2012. 30 woman, 24 men and 26 of the total from developing countries.