False claims of affiliation with UNU

  • Regarding institutions falsely claiming to be affiliated with, or part of, the United Nations University: We are aware that some institutions falsely claim to be affiliated or associated with the United Nations University. UNU monitors these claims and takes appropriate action to demand that these institutions cease and desist from making such claims.

    In particular, please be aware that UNU is not affiliated or associated with, does not authorise or endorse, and is not in any way connected, formally or informally, with:

    • UNUGP USA (The American University for Global Peace) or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries
    • IFUNA (Indian Federation of United Nations Associations); UNU does not have any institutes, programmes, or other institutions in India
    • the company Casemix Solutions Sdn Bhd, established in Malaysia
    • United Nations Academy of Somalia (UNAS; UN Academy), founded in Mogadishu, Somalia

    The global UNU system encompasses 13 institutes located in 12 countries, coordinated by a headquarters unit in Tokyo. You are encouraged to only contact those UNU institutes listed on the official webpage for the UNU system

    UNU is not liable in any way for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of your engagement with, or representations made by, any institution that is not an official UNU entity as listed on the above UNU system webpage.

    Information on specific research projects, events, academic programmes, scholarships, fellowships, and internships can be found only on the main UNU website or at official individual UNU institution websites.