About the Biotechnology Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNU-BIOLAC)

Caracas — Venezuela

  • The UNU Biotechnology Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNU-BIOLAC) was officially established in 1988 by an agreement between the Venezuelan Government and the United Nations University. Its creation was an initial step towards the establishment of an institute dedicated to the development of biotechnology in Latin America and the Caribbean, with headquarters in Venezuela.

    UNU-BIOLAC undertakes training and research at the intersection of science, technology, and society to envision how modern biotechnology can encourage social and economic development.

    The programme’s aim is to prepare and qualify professionals through higher education. Activities are organized and executed in collaboration with scientific institutions and an international network of highly qualified academics and researchers that are experts in biotechnology.


    • Providing fellowships for research and training
    • Offering advanced courses for holders of a bachelor degree
    • Harnessing the research and training opportunities within the UNU-BIOLAC network

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    • Ramírez Ochoa, José
      José Ramírez Ochoa
      Programme Coordinator of the United Nations University Programme for Biotechnology in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNU-BIOLAC)



    Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

    • Dr. Silvia Restrepo – Colombia; Associate Professor, Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
    • Dr. Fernando Álvarez-Valín – Uruguay; Associate Professor of Biomathematics, School of Sciences, Universidad de la República, Uruguay
    • Dr. Flor H. Pujol de Freychet –Venezuela;  Full Professor, Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas, Venezuela
    • Dr. Esteban Serra — Argentina; Associate Professor, Dean of the School of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, National University of Rosario, Argentina; Principal Investigator, National Research Council (CONICET)

    United Nations University
    Biotechnology Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean

    María del Valle Bello.
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    Oficina UNU-BIOLAC.
    Caracas, Estado Miranda, 1080.

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    E-mail: info.biolac@gmail.com