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  • The Office of Communications at UNU Centre in Tokyo implements and oversees UNU’s web presence, content development, visual identity, branding, and media relations in the University’s host country of Japan as well as globally. Specifically, the Office of Communications:

    • develops and maintains UNU’s core web platform, with input from institutes and stakeholders
    • creates and delivers content in English and Japanese
    • leads the development of UNU’s brand/identity, and guides its implementation and elaboration
    • establishes the editorial tone and style for core communications outputs (such as the UNU website, Our World science blog, annual report, and promotional and PR materials), and provides editorial guidance and support to the global UNU system
    • coordinates local and international media activities with press and media outlets, often in collaboration with focal points and partners
    • employs social media channels to further the reach of UNU’s output

    Communications Strategy

    The goal of communications at UNU is to “To shape, package, and deliver UNU’s products and expertise to maximise impact, effect positive change, and drive further demand for UNU’s work”.

    The UNU Office of Communications works in collaboration with communications staff across the University’s global network of institutes to best articulate and meet UNU’s communications objectives. Each institute devises and implements its own communication campaigns and strategies in alignment with, and in support of, the UNU global communications strategy.

    The UNU Global Communications Strategy 2020–2024 provides the overarching framework that aligns communications work across the UNU system.. The four objectives are to:

    1. Improve UNU’s brand and online presence
    2. Increase UNU’s research uptake – and resulting policy impact – through Innovative, targeted, and tailored communications campaigns
    3. Boost UNU’s profile by securing regular media coverage
    4. Strengthen UNU’s strategic partnerships and stakeholder networks
  • UNU Global Communications Strategy – 2020-2024

    (391.4 KB PDF)

  • Tokyo Office Contact Information

    Yuan-Kwan Chan
    UNU Head of Communications
    UNU Office of Communications
    5-53-70 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
    Tokyo 150-8925

    • +81 3 5467 1212