• 6 July 2022

    Official Notice Regarding the Use of Conference Facilities During the Renovation of the United Nations University Headquarters Building

    The United Nations University (UNU) is continuously carrying out systematic repair work to maintain the function of the University Headquarters facilities. In 2022, the plan is to renew and repair the air conditioning equipment and chimneys for about six months beginning at the end of September (kindly note that there is a possibility of extension depending on the timeline of the construction). The conference facilities, audio/visual equipment, and Wi-Fi network will be available as usual, but this notice is to inform you in advance of the following inconveniences that this construction may cause.

    Installation of temporary enclosure walls for construction

    Image: Example of partition wall.

    Example of partition wall.

    Partition walls will be installed in front of the elevator hall entrances on each floor to prevent dust and noise from the construction and to ensure the safety of visitors and UNU personnel. As a result, the passage from the elevator hall to the conference rooms will be narrow in some areas. However, there will not be any impact on the interior of the conference rooms and the evacuation routes will remain the same. The foyer can be used as usual. The elevator hall on the 1st floor will be closed, so please use the escalators from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor and get on and off the elevators from the 2nd floor.

    Air conditioning will be stopped, but there will be direct ventilation from outside

    Due to the renovation of the chimney, the air condition system for both heating and cooling will be stopped during construction. In addition to natural ventilation, conference rooms will be ventilated with direct intake of outside air as necessary (all while checking the CO2 concentration in the air).

    Installation of temporary heating equipment

    If the temperature in the meeting room is low, we will provide a sufficient number of electric heaters in the meeting room.

    Conference Room Use During Construction Air Conditioning Ventilation Network Heaters
    U-Thant Hall Not Possible No No Yes No
    Elizabeth Rose Hall Only on Saturday and Sunday No Direct intake of outside air Yes Yes
    Committee Room (1,2,3) Possible No Direct intake of outside air Yes Yes
    Reception Hall Possible No Direct intake of outside air Yes Yes
    Multipurpose Room Possible No Direct intake of outside air Yes Yes
    Annex Space/Terrace Possible Yes Yes Yes No need as 1F is not affected

    We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause during the time of the construction and appreciate your understanding.

    If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact:
    United Nations University
    Tel: 03-5467-1212
    Fax: 03-3499-2828