Translation (English to Japanese) of the UNU Annual Reports for 2010-2012

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  • Deadline:
    Unicul International
    5,250 yen per page


    Each year, the United Nations University (UNU) Office of Communications publishes an annual report in both English and Japanese. This report is drafted in English and must be translated into Japanese. The UNU seeks to engage the services of a professional translation firm or an experienced individual (hereafter “vendor”) to perform this translation task for the 2010 UNU Annual Report and, at the UNU’s discretion, annually for the following two (2) years’ UNU Annual Reports (2011-2012) provided that the translation requirements are significantly the same each year.

    Work to be performed

    The vendor shall provide the UNU with a high-quality, reader-friendly translation of the original English source material within the prescribed timeframe. The output shall require minimal revision or proofing, and shall be delivered as a formatted MS Word document file. During the translation process, the vendor will be expected to utilize a terminology glossary provided by the UNU and to liaise with the UNU Media Centre regarding clarification of such matters as target audience, required style, etc.

    Functional requirements

    The vendor – or in the case of a firm, the vendor’s assigned employee(s) – must possess:

    • Fluency in Japanese and excellent knowledge of English
    • Experience in performing similar kinds of translation work
    • Proficiency in methods and techniques of English-to-Japanese translation
    • Good written style and appropriate drafting and analytical skills
    • Strong knowledge of relevant subject matter
    • Sensitivity to the cultural context and the target audience of the product
    • Adaptability, flexibility, and ability to work under pressure and meet assigned deadlines

    Items to be submitted by the vendor

    The vendor shall submit:

    • A brief (one or two paragraph) English-language introduction of firm (or individual) – please
      provide customer references and translator certifications (if any).
    • A price quotation for the contracted services (in the format prescribed below under Annex
    • Two brief English-to-Japanese translation samples (text to be supplied by the UNU)
    • Samples of past work or other relevant materials (such submission is encouraged but not

    Terms and conditions

    • Contracted services: English-to-Japanese translation of the 2010 UNU Annual Report, and for the next 2 years’ annual reports provided that the translation requirements are significantly the same.
    • Work will start in early March (starting date tentative) each year and must be completed within three weeks of receipt.
    • The volume of the source material is expected to be between 15,000–20,000 words (i.e., for quotation purposes, 60 to 80 English pages; 1 page = 250 words).
    • Final payment will be based on actual number of pages translated.

    The quotation

    • The quotation should be for a one-time payment each year, without any additional charges or fees.
    • The quotation should be in the form of a “per-page of source material” charge (i.e. Translation fee: XX yen/source page), based on 1 page = 250 English words.
    • The quotation and supporting materials (including translation samples) must be submitted to the UNU by 18 February 2011.

    Please note:

    • The UNU may, at its discretion, ask any bidder for clarification about its qualifications and experience and/or request additional translation samples.
    • The UNU reserves the right to reject any bid, or to annul the solicitation process, at any time without thereby incurring any liability or any obligation to inform the bidder(s) of the grounds for said action.
    • The UNU will make its selection based on an internal set of quantitative and qualitative criteria, and will weigh perceived translation quality and other relevant considerations against the quoted price (i.e., there is no commitment to select the vendor offering the lowest price).
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