Provision of Renovation and Refurbishment Services for UNU Headquarters in Tokyo

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  • Deadline:

    The United Nations University intends to conduct a Request for Proposal (RFP) to identify and select a contractor to provide renovation and refurbishment work on the 6th and 9th Floors of the United Nations University (UNU) Headquarters Building in Tokyo, Japan, according to approved plans to be provided by the UNU.

    The selected contractor would be required to supply the following goods and services:

    • EDP/data equipment and cabling work
    • Electrical supplies and wiring, expansion work
    • Water fountain piping and electrical work
    • Lighting supplies, fittings and fixtures
    • Office furniture, including office desks, mobile pedestals, modular workstations, office chairs, meeting chairs, conference tables, and shelves, as well as office partitions, cubicles, etc.
    • Carpeting, flooring and installation work
    • Wallpaper and installation work
    • Installation of partitions, doors and panels
    • Demolition work, including removal and/or relocation of carpets, partitions and other fittings, disposal of debris and waste, and repair work, where required

    Proposers will be required to attend a Pre-Offer Conference for a briefing by UNU on the requirements, clarification of queries and on-site inspection of the office space to be renovated and refurbished.

    Interested parties are requested to complete and submit the Vendor Response Form not later than 24 June 2011.

    Note: This Expression of Interest (EOI) does not constitute a solicitation. UNU reserves the right to change or cancel the requirementsat any time during the EOI and/or solicitation process. Submitting a reply to an EOI does not automatically guarantee that your company will be considered for receipt of the solicitation documents when issued.

    IMPORTANT: All suppliers interested to participate in this RFP are kindly requested to register as a supplier in the United Nations Global Marketplace at