Procurement of Design and Production Services for UNU Annual Reports for 2010-2012

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    Each year, the United Nations University (UNU) Office of Communications publishes an annual report in English and Japanese. The UNU seeks to engage the services of an established, experienced designer or design firm (hereafter “vendor”) to design and produce both versions of the 2010 UNU Annual Report and, at the UNU’s discretion, annually for the following two (2) year’s UNU Annual Reports (2011-2012) provided that the design/production requirements are significantly the same each year. The publication will exist in both printed versions and digital versions, and based on the same internal content.

    Work to be performed

    The vendor shall produce an attractive, high-quality annual report, in collaboration with the UNU project manager and English/Japanese editors. The report will exist in both printed and digital (webready PDF) formats. Each version will be approximately 52 pages.
    The design of the printed 2010 annual report will be highly derivative from the 2009 report, with required adjustments made as content dictates. The design of the digital report, however, will undergo a significant update. Rather than simply producing a digital version that is closely styled after the printed version, as in the past, the focus will be to provide a digital version for readers that feels like a document designed for optimal onscreen viewing.
    The vendor who is awarded this project will be given the necessary information required to duplicate the style and sensibility of the printed version, including fonts. UNU will be responsible for printing of the report, but will liaise closely with the vendor on proofing checks.


    Upon completion of the project, the vendor shall provide UNU with all master digital files. These shall be Adobe InDesign format (preferably CS4 or CS5 versions): for the printed version, in a printready state; for the digital version, in an export-ready state.

    Functional requirements

    The vendor – or in the case of a firm, the vendor’s assigned employee(s) – shall possess:

    • Proven ability to produce both English and Japanese language materials
    • Extensive experience in typesetting of English and Japanese content
    • Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite applications, including InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
    • Experience in producing digital publications (interactive PDFs, for example)
    • Basic knowledge of UNU
    • Sensitivity to the cultural context and the target audience(s) of the product
    • Adaptability, flexibility, and ability to work under pressure and meet assigned deadlines

    Items to be submitted by the vendor

    • A brief description of your Company and provide a copy of certificate of incorporation/business certificate, and quality assurance certification (if any). Please provide 2 reference sources for goods supplied and/or services rendered by your Company and copies of recommendation letters (if any).
    • A portfolio review, showcasing relevant materials. This portfolio can be digital; print samples will be returned to designer.
    • A price quotation for the contracted services (in the format prescribed below under Annex A-1)

    Terms and conditions/quotation

    • Contracted services: Design and Production of the English and Japanese 2010 UNU Annual Report and for the next 2 years’ annual reports provided that the design and production requirements are significantly the same.
    • The quotation should be for a one-time payment; additional expenses (e.g., stock photography, fonts) will be arranged outside of the contract agreement.
    • The quotation and supporting materials must be submitted by 16 February 2011
    • Work will start in early March (starting date tentative) and should be completed within one month each year.


    • The UNU may, at its discretion, ask any bidder for clarification about its qualifications/experience and/or request additional samples or information.
    • The UNU reserves the right to reject any bid, or to annul the solicitation process, at any time without thereby incurring any liability or any obligation to inform the bidder(s) of the grounds for said action.
    • The UNU will make its selection based on an internal set of quantitative and qualitative criteria, and will weigh the portfolio review and relevant experience against the bid price (i.e., there is no commitment to select the vendor offering the lowest price).