Printing and Shipping of UNU 2010 Annual Report; English and Japanese versions

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  • Deadline:
    Xpress Printing

    Specifications Requirements


    Size ISO216 B5 (250mm H X 176mm W finished)
    Pages 54 pp plus Cover
    Printing 4C/4C, full bleed, uncoated
    Paper FSC-certified uncoated paper, bright white appearance, Interior 85gsm, Cover 125-150 gsm
    Print Run English version – 9,500 copies, Japanese version – 5,500 copies
    Origination Print-ready file, Adobe InDesign data format


    Priority shipping of English Annual Reports in the following quantities to the following destinations (detailed addresses will be provided in due course):

    Quantity Destination
    25 (UNU-BIOLAC) Caracas, Venezuela
    300 (UNU-CRIS) Bruges, Belgium
    1,500 (UNU-EHS) Bonn, Germany
    25 (UNU-FNP) Ithaca, New York, USA
    75 (UNU-GTP) Rekjavik, Iceland
    300 (UNU-IAS) Yokohama, Japan
    200 (UNU-IIGH) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    25 (UNU-IIST) Macao, China
    150 (UNU-INRA) Accra, Ghana
    200 (UNU-INWEH) Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    150 (UNU-MERIT) Maastricht, Netherlands
    100 (UNU-WIDER) Helsinki, Finland
    500 (UNU at UNESCO) Paris, France
    1050 (UNU at UN) New York, USA

    Remainder of reports, both English and Japanese, to UNU Centre in Tokyo


    1. By affixing the signature and company stamp below, the vendor agrees to provide printing and shipping services for the UNU Annual Reports at the prices indicated above
    2. The vendor’s offer must be fully compliant with the specifications requirements under this RFQ.
    3. This Quotation should contain an overall quotation in a single currency, i.e. in Japanese Yen (JPY) only.