Taha Loghmani

Doctoral Researcher

MSc, Hydro Science and Engineering, TU Dresden, Germany (2020)
BEng, Civil Engineering, Islamic Azad University-Najafabad, Iran (2015)
UNU Centre
loghmani@unu.edu +49 351 7999 3809

As a Doctoral Researcher, Taha Loghmani's research focuses on the governance of sustainability transitions of agri-food systems, while maintaining system resilience in the face of unforeseen events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

During his master’s studies, Taha analysed the role of policy coherence in the emergence of groundwater-related subsidence phenomena. Previously, he had obtained a civil engineering degree from Iran, enabling him to cover a wide spectrum of engineering, natural, and political sciences. Besides experience in the field of civil engineering, he has also gained expertise in academia as a research assistant and consultant for UNU-FLORES. His research at UNU-FLORES covered subjects such as citizen science, governance of wicked problems, and sustainability in the textile industry.

Further Information

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  • Consultant on Water Resources Management, UNU-FLORES
  • Senior Research Assistant, UNU-FLORES
  • Student Research Assistant, UNU-FLORES

Research Interests

  • Citizen Science
  • Governance ‘of’ and ‘for’ Sustainable Development Goals
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Water