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  • The Youth Programme of the UNU International Institute for the Alliance of Civilizations aims to foster the capacity of young people to become the driving force behind social progress, particularly the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The projects initiated will reach out to the youth of the world in order to instill the values of moderation and cooperation, and to promote an appreciation of diversity. Some projects under this programme will be held in collaboration with the Centro de Estudios y Documentacion Internacionales de Barcelona foundation. This research agenda will be further developed after the appointment of the Institute’s first director.

    Focal Point

    The focal point for this programme is Prof. Dr. Parvati Nair.

    Intended Impact

    Impact: Furthering knowledge in an academic field
    Target: Contribute to identifying innovative roles that young people can play in the dialogue among civilizations
    How: Organization of training courses for students, scholars and professionals and PhD schools

    Impact: Raising awareness
    Target: Provide the necessary research tools for young people to understand and deal with cultural diversity
    How: Research, dissemination and training