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  • The Migration Programme of the UNU International Institute for the Alliance of Civilizations will focus on the implications of migratory movements in both the source and destination countries and, more specifically, on the coexistence and the development of societies as a result of these movements. It will consider, among other things, coordinated immigration policy strategies; the migration, culture, and development nexus; and questions of leadership in the management of migratory flows. Some projects will be undertaken in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Barcelona. This research agenda will be further developed after the appointment of the Institute’s first director.

    Focal Point

    The focal point for this programme is Prof. Dr. Parvati Nair.

    Intended Impact

    Impact: Influencing policymaking in the United Nations System
    Target: Support the work of UN in the field of fostering dialogue amongst civilizations
    How: Dissemination, cooperation

    Impact: Furthering knowledge in an academic field
    Target: Produce top-quality research
    How: In cooperation with scholars worldwide

  • Activities within the programme will involve cooperation between the UNU International Institute for the Alliance of Civilizations and the UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies.