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  • With this programme, the UNU International Institute for the Alliance of Civilizations aims to provide research findings that will support measures through which education systems can foster knowledge and understanding of other cultures and religions. Concretely, the programme will provide advice to national bodies on the development of school and university curricula and text books that emphasize intercultural and inter-civilizational dialogue and cultural diversity, as well as the richness of human diversity as an asset that needs to be safeguarded. The programme aims to establish an international network with institutions and individual scholars focused on the role of higher education in the “Dialogue Among Civilizations”. This research agenda will be further developed after the appointment of the Institute’s first director.

    Focal Point

    The focal point for this programme is Prof. Dr. Parvati Nair.

    Intended Impact

    Impact: Influencing policymaking at the international level
    Target: Support the work of international institutions in the field of fostering dialogue amongst civilizations through education
    How: High quality research, training and dissemination

    Impact: Furthering knowledge in an academic field
    Target: Produce top-quality research
    How: In cooperation with scholars worldwide