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    Order through  a local distributor, otherwise order directly from UNU Press.


    Order through a local distributor or wholesaler where possible, otherwise order directly from the UNU Press.


    Order through your local bookstore, distributor, wholesaler, or directly from the UNU Press. Should any difficulty be encountered when attempting to order locally, please contact UNU Press directly. Quote the ISBN, title and author/editor.

    Please note: Orders received directly by UNU Press from an area where a distributor exists will be referred to the appropriate distributor for fulfillment.

    When ordering from UNU Press, please note:

    • Shipping and handling: By air: 20% of order (minimum US$15)
    • Special arrangements can be made for developing countries. Please contact UNU Press for details.
    • Payment can be made by cheque (in US dollars), credit card (MasterCard/VISA) or in Japanese yen.
    • For credit card payments, an additional charge of 6.5% of the total payment will be added to the bill.
    • Payment must be received before an order can be filled.
    • Cheques should be made payable to “The United Nations University”.

    To enquire about our discounts policy, please contact us directly.

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