Reforming from the Top – A Leaders’ 20 Summit

    Policy Brief No. 2, 2005
    Reforming from the Top - A Leaders' 20 Summit
    by Anthony J. Venables, John English and Ramesh Thakur

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    This document is based on a forthcoming book that examines the feasibility of creating an institution known as the “L20”, a summit of twenty world leaders whose objective would be to break the international deadlock over some of the most pressing problems facing the world.

    In a climate of despondency over the achievements of existing global institutions such as the G7/8, the United Nations, the World Bank and others in dealing with these major issues—which include terrorism, HIV/AIDS, globalization and the “global apartheid” between the developed North and the developing South — this document asks what is new and unique about the L20 that might enable it to make the breakthrough where others are deemed to have failed. Is the L20 destined to be the defi ning institution of the 21st century, or is it doomed to remain merely an idea?