EU Enlargement and Turkish Labour Migration

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  • Gönül Oğuz

    final eu enlargement
    ISBN-10: 92-808-1206-8,
    ISBN-13: 978-92-808-1206-0
    United Nations University Press
    February 2012

    This book provides an accessible and comprehensive evaluation of labour migration in general and Turkish labour migration to the European Union in particular. EU Enlargement and Turkish Labour Migration introduces the link between the European integration process and Turkish labour migration, and focuses on critical issues and policies relating to economic, demographic, political and social implications of the EU Eastern enlargement.

    “It is surprising, given the longevity of migrant flows from Turkey into Western Europe, that there has so far been no similar text and the author is to be congratulated on taking on the job. The arguments presented are well-supported by empirical data and by an extensive bibliography. It is clearly written and will be a welcome addition to the bookshelves of academics, policymakers and other interested parties.”

    John Salt, Emeritus Professor of Geography and Director of the Migration Research Unit, University College London

    “In this volume, Gönül Oğuz critically examines the issues of Turkey-related migration in the context of European enlargement, and provides stimulating answers to many questions fundamental to an understanding of the burning issues.”

    Ahmet Içduygu, Professor of International Relations and Director of the Migration Research Program, Koç University

    “This provocative book argues that Turkish accession to the EU is more likely to be associated with a test-the-waters migration hump rather than an ongoing wave of Turkish migrants to EU member states.”

    Philip Martin, UC Davis

    About the Author

    Gönül Oğuz is Lecturer at Karadeniz Technical University

    Table of contents:

    Turkish labour mobility in the European Union
    Past enlargement experiences
    The European Union’s overall strategy for the movement of labour
    The impact of Central and East European accession on the movement of Turkish labour
    Concluding remarks