Zina Nimeh

Assistant Professor

  • Zina Nimeh
    Keizer Karelplein 19, 6211 TC Maastricht, The Netherlands
    +31(0)43 3884407

    Research Interests

    • Multidimensional Poverty
    • Social Protection
    • Social Stratification


    Ph.D., Social Protection Policy, Maastricht University
    Master's of Labour and Human Resources, Ohio State University

    Key Publications

    Nimeh, Zina, 2012, Social citizenship rights: Inequality and exclusion, MGSoG Dissertation Series

    Biographical Statement

    Zina Nimeh is an assistant professor at UNU-MERIT’s School of Governance in the Netherlands, where she runs the Master’s specialization in Social Protection Policy Financing and Budgeting (part of the M.Sc. programme in Public Policy and Human Development). Her current research interests include multidimensional poverty, social exclusion, inequality, social stratification, citizenship and social protection policy design. Her regional focus is the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Other Publications (Conference Proceedings, etc)

    • Nimeh, Zina, 2008, Health Distribution in Jordan: Who is the Most Disadvantaged?, presented in February 2008 in Cairo for the Health Inequity Conference: Current Knowledge and New Measurement Approaches
    • Nimeh, Zina, 2008, On the road to Democracy: Citizenship and Civil Participation in Jordan and Egypt, presented in February 2008 in Amman for the International Conference on Globalization, Economic Reforms, Aid and Democracy in the Arab world
    • Nimeh, Zina, 2007, Welfare Distributions in Jordan: Coping with risks, presented in September 2007 at the summer school of the Human Development and Capability Association in New York