Thomas Abeling

PhD Researcher

  • Thomas Abeling
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    Key Publications

    Abeling, T.; Leopold, A. (2012): Climate Change and Security – Adapting the Discussion to the Evidence. GGI Briefing Paper 01/2012. Brussels: Global Governance Institute.
    Abeling, T. (2010): Implementing Environmental Peacemaking: Peace Parks between Institutions, Actors and Interests. In: The Future of Canadian (In-)Security Studies, Selected Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual Conference of the York Centre for International and Security Studies. Toronto: York University.

    Biographical Statement

    Thomas Abeling holds an MA in Politics and Public Administration from the University of Konstanz, Germany. During his studies at the University of Konstanz, at Sciences Po in Paris and at York University in Toronto, he focused on environmental change and security, international environmental cooperation and transboundary biodiversity conservation. In his Master’s Thesis, he analysed determinants of multilateral environmental cooperation in transboundary protected areas.

    Thomas completed internships at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Brussels, the Aspen Institute in Berlin and the German Federal Ministry of Transport in Bonn. Besides his research at UNU-EHS, Thomas advises the Global Governance Institute in Brussels on issues of environmental policy and sustainable development.

    At UNU-EHS, Thomas Abeling is a PhD Researcher in the emBRACE project. His work focuses on political and governance challenges for building resilience amongst communities in Europe.