Raquel Moreno-Penaranda

Research Fellow

  • Raquel Moreno-Penaranda
    Pacifico-Yokohama, 1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, 220-8502 Yokohama
    +81 (0)45-221-2350


    Ph.D., Energy and Resources, University of California Berkeley
    M.Sc., Environmental Analysis
    B.Sc., Biology, Autonomous University of Barcelona

    Biographical Statement

    Dr. Raquel Moreno-Peñaranda is a Research Fellow at UNU Institute of Advanced Studies, Operating Unit Ishikawa/Kanazawa. Her work focuses on sustainable natural resource management, looking at the linkages between nature and society. One of her core projects studies the role of urban ecosystems in sustainability and local well-being, paying special attention to local culture and values for enhancing local ecosystem services and biodiversity, and thus contributing to improve quality of life in cities and reducing urban ecological footprints. She is also involved in coastal/marine sustainability research, exploring Satoumi as an integrative framework for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and effective environmental governance in Japan and beyond. In addition, she is working on dynamic conservation strategies for agricultural biodiversity hotspots in Japan and other Asian countries. Alongside her three core projects, she is also engaged in research looking at the socio-ecological sustainability of oil palm in Indonesia, environmental assessment of coastal areas in Okinawa (Japan) and the potential of urban ecosystems for carbon mitigation, biodiversity protection and local wellbeing in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Raquel has carried out extensive consultancy, advisory, and research co-ordination for several local and sub-national governments, international environmental NGOs, civil society organizations, and multilateral development institutions, including the Global Environmental Facility in Washington D.C. Originally from Spain, where she graduated in Biology, Raquel earned a PhD in Energy and Resources from the University of California Berkeley.