Peter Sale

Assistant Director

  • Peter Sale
    175 Longwood Road South, Suite 204, Hamilton Ontario L8P 0A1 Canada
    +1 905 667-5511

    Biographical Statement

    Professor Peter Sale is a marine ecologist with over 40 years experience in tropical coastal ecosystems, particularly coral reefs. Prior to joining the UNU Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH), he was a faculty member at the University of Sydney, Australia (1968-1987), University of New Hampshire, USA (1988-1993) and University of Windsor, Canada (1994-2006). His work has focused primarily on reef fish ecology, most recently on aspects of juvenile ecology, recruitment and connectivity. He has done research in Hawaii, Australia, the Caribbean and the Middle East, and visited reefs in many places in between. He has successfully used his fundamental science research to develop and guide projects in international development and sustainable coastal marine management in the Caribbean and the Indo-Pacific. His laboratory has produced over 200 technical publications and he has edited three books dealing with marine ecology. Dr. Sale currently leads the Connectivity programme within the Coral Reef Targeted Research Project as well as Coastal Zone Management in the Arabian Gulf. He is also Professor Emeritus, University of Windsor.

  • Peer-reviewed Books

    • Sale, Peter F., 2011. Our Dying Planet. An ecologist’s view of the crisis we face. University of California Press, Berkeley. (release scheduled for September 2011)

    Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

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