Nurhizam Safie

Research Fellow

  • Nurhizam Safie
    UNU-IIGH Building, UKM Medical Center, Jalan Ya'acob Latiff, Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    +60 391715394

    Biographical Statement

    Nurhizam Safie is a Research Fellow at the United Nation University International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH). His research and professional consultancy focuses on open source health and hospital information systems in developing countries, usability & Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in healthcare information systems and e-learning. Nurhizam Safie is a member of the Malaysian National Computer Confederation as well as a member of numerous international, programme committees and editorial review boards. Nurhizam Safie holds a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems, Master in Information Technology, B.HSc. in Psychology and a Diploma in Human Development.

    Major research projects:
    1. Open source health and hospital  information systems
    2. Usability and HCI in Health and Hospital  Information Systems
    3. Project Management and Change Management in Healthcare Information Systems
    4. e-learning for healthcare professionals

  • Other Publications (Conference Proceedings, etc)

    • The role of UNU-IIGH in capacity building program for open source software training in healthcare (2010). Nurhizam Safie. Paper presented for 1st Asian Perioperative Nursing (ASIORNA) Conference 2010. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (26th -28th October, 2010)
    • Open Source Software in Healthcare Online Training (2011). Nurhizam Safie. Paper presented at UNU-IIST Seminars and Colloquia 2011, (8th March, 2011) Macao SAR, China
    • Open Source Healthcare Information Systems Online Training for Healthcare Professional in Developing Countries (2011). Nurhizam Safie. Paper presented for MED@TEL, THE INTERNATIONAL eHEALTH, TELEMEDICINE AND HEALTH ICT FORUM For Education, Networking and Business 2011, Luxembourg (6-8th April, 2011).
    • New Frontiers for Postgraduate Education: Matching the New Demands of the Market Economy (2010), Nurhizam Safie. Paper presented at International Workshop Rome 2010 organized by Guide Association in collaboration with the Università degli Studi “Guglielmo Marconi” , Rome, Italy, March 18th -19th, 2010
    • Usages of Open Source Software in Multimedia Courses (2008). Nurhizam Safie. Paper presented for the Fifth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning at the University of London, London, UK (July 13-17, 2008)
    • Linux Distro: New Exploration in Open and Distance Learning Mode Teaching (2008). Nurhizam Safie. Paper presented for GUIDE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP 2008 “Elearning and Multicultural Education: Digital Divide and Digital Opportunities” hosted by Università Telematica “Guglielmo Marconi” – Rome, Italy (15 – 16 May 2008)
    • An Investigation on the Relationship Between e-Learning Usability Attributes Towards Motivation to Learn (2007). Nurhizam Safie. Paper presented for Doctoral Consortium, 18th Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS 2007) at University of Southern Queensland, Australia (December 4th ,2007)
    • Change Managegement for Health Information Systems (2011). N.Safie, PAper presented at The 1st International Public Health Conference and 18th Public Health Colloquium organized by PPKAM and UNU-IIGH. Kuala Lumpur (27-28th September, 2011)
    • GNU Health Workshop (2011). Workshop delivered at AfriHealth Conference 2011 organized by AITEC, Nairobi, Kenya (30th Nov – 1st Dec, 2011)
    • OPTIMIST : Open Technology and Innovative Solutions for Healthcare Information Systems (2011), N. Safie and M. Hidzuan. Paper presented at MYGOSSCON 2011, Malaysian Government Open Source Software (OSS) Conference. Putrajaya (29 – 30 November 2011)