Niklas Gebert

Research Associate

  • Niklas Gebert
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    Geography, Göttingen University, Germany
    Geography, University of Bonn, Germany

    Biographical Statement

    Niklas Gebert studied Geography in Göttingen and Bonn (Germany) with a focus on development and vulnerability research. Minor subjects of his studies were bio-climatology, political science and development economics and sociology. He conducted an impact assessment of the “Integrated Food Security Programme (GTZ-IFSP)” on vulnerable groups in Malawi as Master thesis . Subsequent work assignments for GIZ included consultancies in the area of sustainable development strategies, capacity development for chemical management in developing countries (PIC convention) and food security in Africa.

    Being a Research Associate at UNU-EHS, he coordinated and conducted applied research for the development of end user-friendly risk assessment products in Indonesia within the framework of the German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System (GITEWS) project. Products included e.g., tsunami impact and vulnerability maps. Specific joint German-Indonesian activities included survey management, guideline development and capacity-building on how to tranfser scientific knowledge into development planning. Mr. Gebert also was responsible for drafting project proposals, scientific writing, teaching PhD students and designing seminars.

    Currently, Niklas Gebert provides consultancy services to UNU-EHS in the area of climate change adaptation. Within the framework of the CLICO project, he manages research activities in Alexandria that deal with the links between human security, vulnerability and conflicts within a socio-ecological system approach.