Mari Ito

Academic Officer

  • Ito, Mari
    +49 (0) 351 8921 9380

    Research Interests

    • Capacity development
    • Characterization and management of integrated systems (hydrological; biogeochemical; hydrogeochemical cycles)
    • Impacts of natural factors and human activities on water resources
    • Monitoring and management of water resources


    PhD, Environmental Science (Biogeochemistry and Hydrology with GIS), State University of New York, USA
    MSc, Environmental Science (Environmental Risk Analysis and Decisionmaking), Indiana University, USA
    MPA, Public Administration, Indiana University, USA
    MSc, Chemistry, Sophia University, Japan
    BSc, Chemistry, Sophia University, Japan

    Biographical Statement

    Mari Ito joined UNU-FLORES as an Academic Officer in 2013 and leads the Water Resources Management unit. She holds a PhD in environmental science (hydrology, biogeochemistry with GIS), master’s degrees in chemistry, environmental science and public administration and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. She conducted postdoctoral research in earth and environmental science.

    Prior to joining UNU-FLORES, she worked in technical officer and environment specialist positions with the United Nations and other international organizations. She worked with development and implementation of projects in water resources and environmental assessment and management with the application of hydrological, hydrochemical and isotope techniques as well as the analysis and management of climate change-related data for developing and emerging countries and some developed countries (Africa, Asia, the Caucasus region, Eastern Europe, North and Latin Americas).

    For an updated bibliography, see the UNU-FLORES website.

  • Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

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    Other Publications (Conference Proceedings, etc)

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