Malfridur Omarsdottir

Environmental scientist / Editor

  • Malfridur Omarsdottir

    Research Interests

    • Climate Change
    • Environment


    B.Sc., Geography, University of Iceland
    M.Sc., Environmental Science and Natural Resources

    Biographical Statement

    Malfridur started working for the UNU Geothermal Training Program in 2012. She holds a Bachelor degree in Geography and graduated in Oct. 2011 with a M.Sc. degree in Environmental Science and Natural Resources. In her studies she focused on climate change, and in particular, the effects of climate change on glaciers.

    During her studies, Malfridur has assisted international scientists on various projects, most of them related to glaciology. She has also done scientific translations for institutions and individual projects from English to Icelandic and vice versa.

    Prior to her employment at UNU-GTP, Malfridur was a national park ranger in the Vatnajokull National Park, over the summer months of her University studies from 2005-2011.