Maike Vollmer

Research Associate

  • Maike Vollmer
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    University of Cologne

    Biographical Statement

    Maike Vollmer studied Geography, Economic and Social Statistics as well as Transport Economics at the University of Cologne, Germany. Her final thesis was about “Modeling of Snow Cover in the Harz Region with Neuro-Fuzzy-Networks”. Prior to her assignment at UNU-EHS she was a Research Assistant at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy and at the Cologne Institute for Economic Research, Research Center Economics and Environment.

    As Research Associate at UNU-EHS, Maike is currently working in the ACRIMAS project, mainly carrying out the leadership of the work package “political and legal framework” of aftermath crisis management in the European Union.

    She has carried out research in the fields of vulnerability to natural hazards, adaptation to climate change in the context of spatial planning, and in the development of indicators to measure vulnerability and adaptation to climate change. She is currently managing the research group on climate change and spatial planning of the Academy for Spatial Research and Planning.

    Maike has also been working as a Statistical Analyst, conducting statistical analyses for the now completed projects INDICATORS (INDIKATOREN), SEVAI and GITEWS.