Jukka Pirttilä

Research Fellow

    +358-(0)9-615 9911

    Research Interests

    • Public Goods
    • Social Protection
    • Tax Policy


    PhD in Economics, University of Helsinki (1994)
    Visiting student, University of Essex Department of Economics (1996–1997)
    Licentiate in Social Sciences, University of Helsinki (1996)
    Master of Economics, Turku School of Economics (1994)

    Biographical Statement

    Jukka Pirttilä is a Research Fellow at the UNU World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER). He is on leave from the University of Tampere, where he is a Professor of Economics. He has previously worked for the Labour Institute for Economic Research (Helsinki, Finland) and the Bank of Finland. He conducts research on topics related to publicly provided goods, social protection and tax policy. Jukka Pirttilä has a PhD in Economics from the University of Helsinki and is a Fellow of the CESifo network and a board member of the Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies.

  • Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

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    Other Publications (Conference Proceedings, etc)

    • ‘Tax policy and employment: How does the Swedish system fare?’, joint with Håkan Selin, Uppsala
      Center for Fiscal Studies WP 2011:2.
    • ‘Mirrlees Review and the Finnish tax system’ (in Finnish) in S. Kari et al (Eds.) Verotuksen ja sosiaaliturvan uudistaminen – miksi ja mihin suuntaan. VATT Julkaisuja 54. (2009)
    • ‘Incentives for labour supply in Finland 1995-2004’ (in Finnish), joint with P. Honkanen and M. Jäntti, a report for the Prime Minister’s Office (2007).
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