José Ramírez Ochoa

Programme Coordinator of the United Nations University Programme for Biotechnology in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNU-BIOLAC)

  • José Ramírez Ochoa
    IDEA, Edificio Bolivar, Piso 3, Carretera Nacional Hoyo del Puerta, Baruta 1080, Estado Miranda, Venezuela
    +58 212 962 1120

    Research Interests

    • Function of parasitic protozoa
    • Genomic organization


    Ph.D., Molecular Biology, Johns Hopkins University
    B.Sc., Biology

    Biographical Statement

    Dr. José Luis Ramirez has been the Coordinator of the UNU Programme for Biotechnology in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNU-BIOLAC) since January 2000. In addition, since September 1997, he has been professor and researcher at the Biotechnology Center of UNU-BIOLAC’s host institution, Instituto de Estudios Avanzados — IDEA. Moreover, he was a professor of Genetics at the Central University of Venezuela where he headed both the Department of Graduate Studies in Cell Biology and the Molecular Genetics Groups. He has a Ph.D. in molecular biology from Johns Hopkins University. An expert on tropical diseases, Dr. Ramirez has published numerous papers on Leishmaniasis, Chaga’s disease and other parasitic infections and serves as a high level Advisor and permanent collaborator of the Central American Network of Tropical Diseases.