Johannes Faber

  • Johannes Faber


    Dr. rer. nat. (~ PhD), Computing Science, University of Oldenburg, Germany
    Dipl.-Inform. (~ M.Sc.), Computing Science, University of Oldenburg, Germany

    Biographical Statement

    Johannes Faber studied computing science at the universities of Freiburg and Oldenburg in Germany. He received his Master of Science degree and his PhD degree from the University of Oldenburg in 2004 and 2011. Now, he is a post-doctoral research fellow at UNU-IIST, and he works in the working group of Zhiming Liu on new software engineering concepts for the health care domain.

    Johannes’ research interests are in the field of formal analysis techniques for complex real-time systems. From 2004 to 2011, he was member of the transregional research center AVACS (Automatic Verification and Analysis of Complex Systems, in the subproject “Beyond Real-Time”, where he investigated formal methods for compositional verification of real-time systems and developed verification tools and case studies. In the context of the AVACS project he wrote his PhD thesis, where he examined the decompositional verification of real-time systems with formal behavioural design patterns. In November 2011, Johannes joints UNU-IIST, where he continues his work on formal engineering methods and verification techniques with a focus to applications in the health care domain and sustainable development.

    Research Interests:

    • Real-time systems
    • Compositional verification
    • Formal design patterns
    • Sequent Calculus
    • Dynamic Logic
    • Formal fault tree analysis and verification
    • Computing science for supporting developing countries