Joanna Pardoe

PhD Researcher

  • Joanna Pardoe
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    MSc, Water Science, Policy and Management, University of Oxford
    MA, Geopolitics and International Relations, University of Dundee

    Key Publications

    Cuppen, M. and J. Pardoe, (2013). The influence of connective capacity on the legitimacy of flood management. In Water Governance as Connective Capacity, Edelenbos, J., Bressers, N., Scholten, and P. Ashgate, eds.
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    Pardoe, J., Penning-Rowsell, E. S. and Tunstall (2011). Floodplain conflicts: regulation and negotiation.In Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 11, pp. 2889-2902. Available from
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    Penning-Rowsell E., Viavattene, C.,Pardoe J., Chatterton J., Parker, D. and J. Morris (2010). The Benefits of Flood and Coastal Risk Management: A Handbook of Assessment Techniques 2010. Flood Hazard Research Centre, Middlesex University Press.
    Penning-Rowsell, E., Cotterell, D., Tarrant, O., Viavattene , C., Pardoe, J. and J. Chatterton (2010). The changing nature of flood damage. Environment Agency/Defra Flood and Coastal Risk Management Conference, Telford, June 2010.

    Biographical Statement

    Joanna holds an MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management from the University of Oxford and an MA in Geopolitics and International Relations from the University of Dundee. Following completion of her Masters degrees, Joanna took up a Research position at the Flood Hazard Research Centre at Middlesex University where she worked on a variety of projects examining the social and economic aspects of flooding. Joanna has a particular interest in public participation and mixed methods approaches. Her key areas of research have been spatial planning in hazard management, social justice implications of policy development and local perspectives of risk and risk mapping.

    At UNU-EHS, Joanna is a PhD Researcher within the WASCAL project. As part of the VARMAP section, Joanna’s PhD research will assess vulnerability and adaptation to natural hazards in West Africa. Her work will have a particular focus on flooding and droughts in Burkina Faso, Benin and Ghana.