Humaira Daniel

Research Associate

  • Humaira Daniel
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    PhD Candidate, Department of Comparative Politics and International Development Studies Center, Marburg University, Germany

    Key Publications

    Daniel, H. (2011): From Vulnerability to Coping Strategies under Climate Variability. Conference Paper. The Initiative on Climate Adaptation Research and Understanding through Social Sciences (ICARUS) programme. School of Natural Resource and Environment. University of Michigan, USA.
    Daniel, H.; Birtel,S.; Farooqi, H.; Warner, K. (2011): Flood and Displacement in Rural Sindh, Pakistan: People´s perception. Disasters – Mobility – Communications: Exploring the Links’. Workshop Paper. Center for Interdisciplinary Research Bielefeld, Germany, 16-17 May 2011.
    Daniel, H. (2010): Traditional Water Management System: An Opportunity towards Sustainable Irrigation in Water Scarce Areas of Pakistan. International Conference on Sustainable Water Management, organized by Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan in collaboration with National Center of Excellence in Analytical Chemisty, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh Pakistan, Sindh Agricultural University, Tando Jam, Pakistan & Exeter University, UK Conference Proceeding on CD.
    Daniel, H.; Martin Bordes, H.J. (2009): Topic 1.2 Water Related Migration, Changing Land Use and Human Settlement Report. In: Knowledge Series No.4, UNW-DPC, Bonn.
    Chakrabarty, S.; Daniel, H.; Friedland, C. et al. (2005): Making Services Work for Poor People: From Knowledge to Practice. Proceedings of the panel and working group discussions. 11-13 May 2005, Bonn, Germany.
    Daniel, H.; Alva Gonzalez, M.A. (2003): Conservation Payments in the Developing Countries. Review Paper, Zentrum für Entwicklungsforschung.

    Biographical Statement

    Humaira holds a M.Phil. degree. Prior to joining UNU-EHS, she has worked intensively in developing countries in areas such as International Cooperation, Rural Development & Research, particularly in Natural Resource Management, Gender and Governance. She is a PhD candidate and working closely with the Department of Comparative Politics and International Development Studies Center at Marburg University, Germany on socio-political and ecological dimensions of traditional water management systems on the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    At UNU-EHS, Ms. Daniel serves as a focal point for dimensions of environmentally induced  migration in high mountain areas, complex human emergencies, interrelationship between environment, social, and other factors which contribute to conflict situations.

    Her main research areas are Social Vulnerability, Climate Variability, Coping Strategies, Adaptation,and Water & Rural Livelihoods using Participatory Research Methodologies. She is serving as a guest lecturer /speaker in different universities in Germany and abroad. She is invited periodically to evaluate Research & Development project and programmes in Central Asia, especially in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal. She is a member of the “ Initiative on Climate Adaptation Research and Understanding through the Social Sciences” co-organized by different universities in the United States, such as Colombia University, University of Illinois and the University of Michigan. She is also member of scientific networks and initiatives on water, such as “Spate Irrigation Network” and “Water Alternative” which is an interdisciplinary journal on water, politics and development.