Hugo Hollanders

Senior Researcher

  • Hugo Hollanders
    Keizer Karelplein 19, 6211 TC Maastricht, The Netherlands
    +31(0)43 3884412

    Biographical Statement

    Hugo Hollanders is a Senior Researcher at MERIT and is the joint coordinator of the research group ‘Innovation Systems Indicators and Policy’. Before joining MERIT in 1992, he worked as a researcher at Statistics Netherlands (National Accounts division).

    His research interests include growth theory, the measurement of Science, Technology & Innovation, composite indicators, and economics of regional innovation. Current and past research focuses on innovation and S&T statistics.

    He is a member of the Advisory Steering Committee for the South-African Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators (CeSTII).

    He has been a member of 2007 EC Expert Group on Innovation in Services, of NESTA’s expert group for the ‘UK innovation index’ and of the 2010 EC ‘High-Level Panel on the Measurement of Innovation’. He has done consultancy work for the EC, OECD, UNESCO, UNIDO and national governments (a.o. Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland).

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