Gessesse Dessie

Research Fellow, Capacity Development

  • Gessesse Dessie
    UNU-Institute for Natural Resources in Africa


    Stockholm University (SU) Sweden
    International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth sciences (ITC) the Netherlands
    Swedish University of agricultural Sciences (SLU) Sweden

    Biographical Statement

    Gessesse Dessie is an expert in human-environment interactions aspects of natural resources management.

    He holds a PhD in Physical Geography from Stockholm University (SU), Sweden. He joined Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources (WGCFNR)  in 1989 as an assistant lecturer and has since 2007 been an assistant professor at WGCFNR in Ethiopia. His previous positions at WGCFNR include Coordinator of post graduate climate change programme (2011-2012), Dean Faculty of Natural Resources (2007-2009), Head Office of Research, Publication and Extension (1997-2000), Head department of Forest Management (1991-1994). He has also undertaken consultancies for FAO’s East African Eucalyptus tree debate and ANAFE’s revitalizing forestry education in Africa initiative.

    Gessesse has authored or co-authored referred journal articles, working papers and curricula documents at undergraduate and graduate level.

  • Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

    • Gessesse Dessie and Menfese Tadesse 2013. Rethinking Forestry Education in Ethiopia in line with Education for Sustainable Development. South African Journal of Environmental Education
    • Gessesse Dessie and Christiansson, C. 2008. Forest Decline and its Causes in the South Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia. Human Impact over a One Hundred Year Perspective. AMBIO, vol.37 (4) 263-271
    • Gessesse Dessie and Kinlund, P. 2008. Khat Expansion and Forest Decline in Wondo Genet, Ethiopia. Geografiska Annaler, vol 90B (2) 187-203
    • Gessesse Dessie and Kleman, J. 2007. Pattern and Magnitude of Deforestation in the South Central Rift Valley Region of Ethiopia. Mountain Research and Development 27(2):162-168.

    Technical Papers, Policy Briefs, etc

    • Gessesse Dessie. 2013. Is Khat a Social Ill? Ethical argument about a stimulant among learned Ethiopians. ASC Working Paper, 108 / 2013. African Study Centre, Leiden The Netherlands
    • Gessesse Dessie. 2013. Favouring Demonised Plant: Khat and Ethiopian smallholder-enterprises. Current African Issues, NO.51, ISBI 978-91-7106-731-9. The Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala Sweden.
    • Gessesse Dessie and Teklu, E. 2011. Eucalyptus in East Africa: socio-economic and environmental issues. Planted Forests Working Paper. FAO, Rome