Corinne Schuster-Wallace

Senior Research Fellow

  • Schuster-Wallace, Corinne
    175 Longwood Road South, Suite 204, Hamilton Ontario L8P 0A1 Canada
    +1 (905) 667-5488
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    University of Leicester
    Wilfrid Laurier University

    Biographical Statement

    Dr. Corinne Schuster-Wallace has broad experience at the water-health nexus including the areas of environmental factors for climate change, impacts on and outbreaks of waterborne diseases and linkages to human health and well-being. Prior to joining the UNU Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH), she worked in the School of Engineering at the University of Guelph in Canada, as a water-environment specialist for the Public Health Agency of Canada and was a consultant to the second part of the Walkerton Commission of Inquiry into the Walkerton, Canada drinking water tragedy of 2000.

  • Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

    • Levison, MM., Elliott, SJ., Karanja, DMS., Schuster-Wallace, CJ., and Harrington, DW. You cannot prevent a disease, you only treat diseases when they occur”: Knowledge, attitudes and practices to water-health in a rural Kenyan community. Submitted to East African Journal of Public Health January 2011
    • Lee, M., McBean, E., Ghazali, M., Schuster, C., and Huang, J., 2009. “Fuzzy Logic Application for Risk Assessment of a Small Drinking Water Supply System”, ASCE- Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, Volume 135, Issue 6, Nov./ Dec., pp. 547-552.
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    Other Publications (Conference Proceedings, etc)

    • UNU-INWEH, 2010, Sanitation as a Key to Global Health: Voices from the Field. Contributing author. United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health
    • C.J. Schuster-Wallace, V.I. Grover, Z. Adeel, U. Confalonieri and S. Elliott, 2008, Safe Water as the Key to Global Health. United Nations University International Network on Water, Environment and Health
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