Amrizal Nur

Research Fellow

  • Amrizal Nur
    3rd Floor, Nurses' Hostel Hospital, UKM Jalan Yaacob Latiff Bandar, Tun Razak Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    +60 391715394


    Ph.D., Case-Mix System & Health Economics, Faculty of Medicine, National University of Malaysia
    M.Sc., Health Care Services Management, School of Medicine Universiti Sains Malaysia
    M.D., Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Andalas Padang

    Biographical Statement

    Dr. Amrizal Muhammad Nur is a Research Fellow at the UNU International Institute For Global Health. He obtained his M.D. from the Faculty of Medicine at Andalas University of Indonesia in 1993, a Master in Medical Science (Health Care Service Management) at the School of Medicine at Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2002, and a Ph.D. in Public Health (Casemix System & Health Economics) from the National University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, in 2007.

    He started his housemanship at Mohammad Jamil Hospital (Provincial & Teaching Government Hospital), Padang (West Sumatera), and later as Deputy Director of Muara Labuh Hospital (Distric Government Hospital) in West Sumatra Indonesia (1994-1997). He has worked as a Casemix Coordinator in Casemix Unit Hospital University Kebangsaan Malaysia for six years (2002-2007), and then as a Medical Lecturer and Casemix Consultant in International Centre For Casemix and Clinical Coding at the National University of Malaysia from April 2008 till November 2010. He was also involved (as a Casemix Consultant) in implementing and developing Indonesian DRG Tariff under MOH of Indonesia from 2006 till 2008.

    Currently he is the Casemix Consultant to Philippine Health Insurance tasked with developing the Philippine DRG Tariff for Philhealth Reimbursement and Consortium of Private Hospital (FEMI) Uruguay to develop Uruguay DRG Tariff for reimbursement.

    He also involved as a Co-Developer of Clinical Cost Modelling Software, UNU Casemix Grouper and Malaysian-DRG.

    He has published and co-author several articles in journals and presented in conferences in areas of health economics and public health in general.

    Major research projects:

    1. Malaysian cohort study –  Clinical risk grouping. Organised by UMBI and Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (2005-onward).
    2. Impact of clinicalpathway on outcome and cost of health care in UKM (2008-onward).
    3. Health risk and health care cost assessment of Arsenicosis in Cambodia (2009-onward).
    4. Cost of managing oral and maxillofacial injuries among patients who were involved in motor vehicle crash in teaching hospitals in Malaysia (2009-onward).
    5. Mega sciences framework study for sustained national development: Health and medicine sector (2009-onward).
    6. Climate change and dengue: Socio-economic impact and costing (2009-onward).
    7. Burden of invasive pneumococcal disease and acute otitis media and ecomic impact of introducing pneumococcal protein-D conjugate vaccine in the national immunization program in Malaysia (2009-onward)
  • Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

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    • A. Zafar, S Sulong, M Amrizal and S Aljunid (2010), Economic burden of precancerous lesion and cervical cancer in Malaysia (has been submitted to Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention)
    • A. Zafar, S Sulong, M Amrizal, P J van Enckevort and S Aljunid (2010), Health and economic impact of HPV vaccination in Malaysia: Differences between the bivalent and quadrivalent vaccines (in process to submit to The Journal of Vaccine)
    • Syed Aljunid, Amrizal M.N. et al (2011) Megascience Framework for Sustained National Development 2011-2050: Health and Medicine Sector. Report Submitted to Academy of Science, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations, Malaysia
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