Summer School on Human Capital

Application Procedure
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    This week-long school in Maastricht, organized by UNU-MERIT, will provide participants with the skills to conduct impact assessments in diverse national contexts. The course concentrates on various techniques to measure the impact of public policies on human capital, which is necessary to the pursuit of economic growth and is at the heart of several public policies (such as the UN Millennium Development Goals and the 10-year plan of the European Union’s EU2020 strategy).

    The summer school will cover:

    • How to measure human capital from an economic perspective (economic theory introduction)
    • How to assess human capital accumulation across countries (comparative method)
    • What methods are available to evaluate the impact of relevant policies and programmes (RCT and natural experiment, differences-in-differences and regression discontinuity design, instrumental variables, matching)

    Participants must have at least a bachelors’ degree and have completed 1st- and 2nd-year micro- and macro-economics courses and, ideally, an introduction to statistics course, as well as have some understanding of economics principles.The school will run from 14–18 July. The tuition fee is €750.

    The application deadline is 1 June.

    For more information and an application form, see the announcement on the UNU-MERIT website.

  • For more information and an application form, see the announcement on the UNU-MERIT website.