The Rector, based at UNU Headquarters in Tokyo, is the chief academic and administrative officer of UNU, with responsibility for the direction, organization and administration of its overall programme.

He is assisted by three Vice-Rectors — two based in Tokyo and one based at the UNU Vice-Rectorate in Europe, in Bonn.

The UNU Council is responsible for devising the principles and policies that govern the UNU’s operations, and for considering and approving the University’s budget and work programme.

  • Dr. David M. Malone Dr. David M. Malone Rector of the United Nations University;
    Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations
  • Prof. Taikan Oki Prof. Taikan Oki Senior Vice-Rector, United Nations University;
    Assistant Secretary-General, United Nations
  • Max Bond Max Bond Vice-Rector and Executive Officer, United Nations University
    United States of America
  • Prof. Jakob Rhyner Prof. Jakob Rhyner Vice-Rector in Europe, United Nations University